Date  Version  Tested with VDR Comments/Changes
- Some initialization fixes. Thanks to Jon Burgess.
- Added patch from Teemu Rantanen to emergency exit if the plugin if not able to recover from dxr3 driver crash.
- Fixed some osd problems (Elchi, Games, etc.).
- Changed Makefile to support vdr-1.3.0. - Added setup entry to switch between ntsc and pal. This setting becomes active after restarting vdr and reseting the dxr3 card, respectively.
- Fixed uninitialized variable m_audioMode in dxr3abstractiondevice.c. Thanks to Jon Burgess.
- Fixed incorrect ioctl-problem. Thanks to Jon Burgess.
- Fixed wrong scaled osd problem when starting vdr without live stream.
- Fixed external player problem when return to dxr3 output after using ac3 output. Thanks to Jarkko Santala for reporting this one.
- Fixed wrong assert-call. Thanks to Andre Neumann. - Fixed compatibility problem with vdr version 1.1.31 and higher.
- Fixed analog audio problem (spurious disturbances).
- Added first cut mpeg1 support: It works quite good with vcd plugin.
  As far as I know  this doesn't work reliable together with analog plugin.
  Thanks to Gavin Hamill for testing support and investigations with analog
  plugin. No osd scaling for mpeg1 at the moment.
- Changed channel switch behavior with respect to mpeg1 support.
- Improved lib sync. - Added support for AC3 streams (based on classes of the AC3overDVB Patch maintained by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Added DXR3 main menu entry. It's now possible to:
    - Reset DXR3-hardware.
    - Toggle Force LetterBox.
    - Switch to Digital Output.
    - Switch to AC3 Output (when already listening to digital output).
- Added short ac3 information text on channel switch.
- Reduced analog audio disturbances.
- Fixed audio initialization problem. - Second trial to fix external player support (thanks to Jarkko Santala) - Added support for dvd-plugin (subtitles doesn't work properly so far).
- Added setup parameter to define the dxr3-card which shall be used  by vdr (thanks to Tobias Haustein).
- Added setup parameter to force letter box mode (for wrong aspect ratio coded in pes-stream). This parameter is not saved.
- Added support for video format setup parameter (no WSS support).
- Fixed external player support (thanks to Seppo Ingalsuo).
- Added volume support (thanks to Teemu Rantanen).
- Fixed I-Frame display problem (cutting and fast forward/backwards in some streams). Those who have problems with fast forward/backward might want to patch vdr (use vdr_iframe_patch.diff / for vdr-1.1.29).
- Reduced memory consumption.
- Fixed problem with digital output setup parameter.
- Fixed wrong bit error detection.
- Changed bit error handling. -Bugfix in A/V-engine for audio output with less dropouts -Added unix domain server interface to close and reopen dxr3 devices without stopping vdr (see dxr3_ux_client.pl script on how to use this). Requested by Atte Manninen. Thanks to Atte Manninen and Teemu Rantanen for testing and fixing some problems.
-Added support for external player mode
-Some cosmetic changes
-Some changes to reduce cpu load
-Added workaround handling for osd crash (driver patch necessary; patch with em8300_patch.diff). Thanks to Teemu Rantanen and Malcolm Caldwell for testing this
-Added buffered output for mp3-plugin audio data. This seems to improve audio quality significantly
-Reduced count of audio errors (wrong data rate)
-Changed channel switch behavior (to remove audio disturbances => channel switching is a little bit slower now)
-Added exception handling for defect pes streams
-Added more checks by introducing a new pes parsing class
-Fixed buffer overrun problem. Because of the missing pll control a buffer overrun happens after staying for a long time on the same channel. In older version the output stopped after a buffer overrun. Now the buffer will be cleared and the output will continue after about a second
-New buffer handling in PlayVideo
-Added a setup parameter for selecting the spdif output of the card to connect a digital receiver (NOT AC3 until now) -Added black frames between channel switches (which solves the frozen picture 'problem' when using the mp3-plugin, too)
-Increased thread priority of output threads which improves live stream quality on my system (K6II 350) -Support for MP3 plugin
-Support for radio channels. Requested by Richard P. (???) who send me a sample code ... thanks
-Some fixes to get along with corrupt pes data (which should actually be solved in a lower layer). Thanks to Teemu Rantanen
-Changed sync buffer size during replay to reduce "jumps" in cutted streams. Thanks to Atte Manninen for the idea
-Support for still frame handling. Now it is possible to move the editing marks with visible corresponding i-frames. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work with finish dvb streams
-Some tuning to reduce cpu load during replay bugfix in dxr3demuxdevice.c (thanks to Matthias Mueller)
29.12.02 -SPU write is now protected with a mutex by using the Dxr3AbstractionDevice
-Fixed horizontal size detection
-Added usleep call during still picture to reduce cpu load
-Removed calls to WaitForSysClock in dxr3outputthread.c which led to problems during replay on some systems (Thanks to Atte Manninen for reporting this)
-Did some minor changes to dxr3outputthread.c which hopefully will increase reliability
-Changed osd scale rule. Scaling now only happens if the horizontal size is smaller than 700
23.12.02 0.1.2 1.1.15 - 1.1.20 Compiles now with gcc3.2.
-Fixed unsigned / signed bug in output thread (dxr3outputthread.c) which led to sporadic resync (still frame and jump of about 1s)
-OSD is now as colorful as vdr with DVB-s
-OSD rescaling for channels with a lower horizontal resolution
12.11.02 0.1.1 >=1.1.15-Some minor changes needed for vdr 1.1.15
-More stable under heavy system load (e.g. network traffic)
10.11.02 0.1.0 1.1.14-New A/V-sync engine and better OSD colors
02.09.02 0.0.1 - 0.0.4 1.1.6-PreReleases with limited playback and OSD capabilities